Shiny Bike Syndrome™ – Motorcycle Preservation Service

Is this service for you?

Do you like your bike? Do you enjoy it? Does it put a smile on your face? Is it fun? Yes? Well maybe this isn’t for you.

Do you totally love your bike? Are you completely obsessed by it? Is it your number-one-bestest-thing-in-the-whole-wide-world that you can happily stand and gaze at in a revered silence every single time you’re near it? Is it truly awesome? Yes? Congratulations, you’ve come to the right place!

What you get:

Attention to detail at every step of the way. This is not a quick go-over with a bucket and sponge and some cheap silicon spray. It is a professional, thorough, multi-stage deep clean of your pride-and-joy, followed by the careful application of various high-quality corrosion inhibitors, mineral coatings and paint sealers designed to preserve your bikes appearance, but more importantly, its value to you. This intensive process is done with care and attention. All of the chemicals used are top quality products and solvent use is kept to an absolute bare minimum. Better for your bike, better for the environment.

This service isn’t just for trailer queens or museum pieces! If you are planning on regularly riding your bike, we can also supply and fit VentureShield, Eazi-Guard and R&G Second Skin paint-protection films for extra protection against abrasion and stone-chip damage.

What you don’t get:

Preservation is the key word here. This is not a restoration service. Although some light corrosion and paint swirling/oxidisation will be removed due to the nature of the products we use, this is not about putting existing damage right, it is about removing as much contamination as possible, then protecting and preserving what is underneath and helping to prevent any further degradation from occurring, effectively slowing time down for your bike and keeping it just as it is for years to come.

Price examples:

The prices are based on a set rate of £35 p/hour and reflect the difficulty of the job, based on any given bike’s design and condition. Every bike is different, but expect a fairly clean sports-bike to start at six hours and a huge tourer to take at least eight. If the work stops, the clock stops as well. you won’t be charged for tea breaks, or time spent with other customers.

Remember these are approximate starting prices, A filthy Rocket III may take 12 hours or more to complete.

Cat 1: £175+ eg. 125/250cc commuter/cruiser, small scooter, small trials bike.

Cat 2: £210+ eg. Maxi-scooter, most sports-bikes and naked roadsters, small sports tourers and cruisers.

Cat 3: £245+ eg. Mid-size sports tourers and cruisers, hyper sports-bikes, giant trailies.

Cat 4: £280+ eg. Big cruisers, customs and tourers.

Trikes and side car combos POA

Enquiries and bookings: Please use our contact form to tell us the make, model, production year and condition of your bike so we can give you more accurate details of what the job will entail for your particular machine and book you in if you would like to go ahead.

Find Shiny Bike Syndrome™ at:
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