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Shiny Sauce | Bike Cleaning Spray for Bicycles, Cars, and the home.

Shiny Sauce is the ultimate cleaning spray for outdoor and home use. Completely PH neutral , our spray will remove the accumulated dirt and messes picked up on your latest ride. Use around the home for a sparkling clean. Shiny Sauce  is an affordable product that works wonders. Order yours here today! 

Covid 19 update

All our backdated orders have arrived or are now on their way. If yours hasn’t arrived in the next couple of days,
please contact us and we will endeavour to get the Sauce to you.

Thanks again for all your kind words and understanding in these weird times. Stay Safe!

May the Sauce be with you!

Another use found for the Shiny Sauce!

More uses for Shiny Sauce are being found every day and we love seeing what uses you are finding for the product!

Tiny Sauce with paintball mask

Talon Racing Sponsored!

Talan Racing Team is made up of two disabled motorcyclists, both paraplegics, with each rider being injured and disabled as a direct result of a motorcycle accident. Through considerable efforts[…]More

The Talan Racing guys with their bikes

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Take it to the Banks

Banks Racing:

The second team we are sponsoring will be racing at all nine rounds of the televised British Motostar Championship.

Pete Banks, the owner and manager of Banks Racing, has more than 30 years experience of racing motorcycles and 20 years running teams. He is responsible for all the machine preparation and also manages the day to day running of the team, ensuring riders arrive at their event prepared and have the best chance available to them to succeed in their endeavour.

Peter has brought on many of the UK’s young talented riders to be today’s leading competitors and is looking forward to helping more young riders establish themselves at British Championship level and hopefully open doors for them to progress their careers.

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Banks racing, the lads in action
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