Shiny Sauce™ is a brand specifically aimed at enthusiasts who want to keep their vehicles in pristine condition throughout the year, providing a “one-bottle” solution to your vehicle cleaning needs.

​Our story began in 2009, when Nigel (Nooj) Coulson set up Shiny Bike Syndrome™ to offer the motorcycle world a bespoke motorcycle cleaning and care service. This service rapidly built a loyal following, and Nigel was soon to be seen demonstrating his skills to bikers all over the country.

​Things began to accelerate when, faced with supply issues, Nigel decided to mix his own bike-wash by applying mysterious alchemy to his rich valeting experience. Our first product, Shiny Bike Sauce™ was born. Originally developed just for use on motorcycles, it soon became apparent that it worked equally well on any bike, with or without an engine.

​In 2017, one of Nigel’s clients just happened to be on the lookout for the next big thing and a new Aegis Moto Ltd. partnership was forged in order to produce, bottle and deliver Shiny Sauce™. Fast forward to the present day and our aim is to help you become the expert and to put a bottle of Shiny Sauce™ in every garage in the land!