Shiny Sauce – For One


1 litre

If you prefer to clean alone, this is for you. Enjoy your private Saucy time!

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1 litre

If you prefer to clean alone, this one is for you. Enjoy your private Saucy time!

Shiny Sauce ™ is an all-in-one-bottle, environmentally safe, biodegradable, pH-neutral, water-based, general-purpose cleaner. This fantastic and unique product will cut through mud, mould, algae, bird fouling, sticky pollen, dead insects, traffic film and light grease and oil contamination with ease. Furthermore, it can even clear baked-on carbon/soot and brake dust deposits.

It is safe to use on painted, powder-coated, anodised and bare metals. Not to mention all rubbers, vinyl, plastics and composite materials, as well as glass and ceramic surfaces.

Shiny Sauce was originally developed in-house specifically for our own Shiny Bike Syndrome™ Motorcycle Preservation Service. It has become apparent that our Sauce can clean so much more than just motorcycles. Shiny Sauce offers superb cleaning action for so many home, garage, workshop and industrial applications.

Shiny Sauce is packaged in a robust and recyclable bottle. With a top quality trigger-spray head forming a ‘pistol grip’ that’s comfortable to hold. These triggers have no corners or seams to dig into your hands as you use it.

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