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Claire Read.
24 April 2019
Husband brought two bottles of shiny sauce, I can say it’s winning with me cleaned the oven with it today and it came up nice a shiny, removed all the grease. Well done.

Valentino Flossie.
22 April 2019
So easy to clean, bike shines up a treat. highly recommended

Roswitha Eichfelder.
14 April 2019
So easy to use and a great result.

Tony Walsh.
This stuff is the business! Beats the competition into next week. Simple. Once you’ve used it you won’t ever buy another bike cleaner. Does exactly what it says on the bottle and more.

Bryan Murphy.
4 March 2019
Does exactly what it says on the bottle! Really did clean my bike well! I will definitely be using this again & recommending to my friends!

Richard Banks.
Started using Shiny Sauce and it’s amazing, leaves the bike looking stunning!!

Ashley Siddiqui.
21 February 2019
Love this product, so easy to use, get plenty in a bottle, good value for money and an even better finish. I half like the look of my bike after using this!

Steve Lamont.
26 January 2019
So easy to use and delivers great results. You’re on to something here! Can’t recommend this enough.

Margaret Boulton.
Easy to use. Great results.

Christopher Haire.
What an unreal bit of kit! stripped down the bike to get the engine a clean and this is just the right product. got rid of a year’s worth of dirt in no time! hard to find a really good product that actually does the job!!

Jill Visorcat.
I’ve just used Shiny Sauce for the first time. I hate cleaning my bike but have found this to be both easy to use and very effective. Just wet your bike, squirt on some sauce, agitate it (I used a brush) and then rinse off. This is the best bike cleaner for anyone who hates cleaning! I am very pleased with the result – thank you!

Peter James.
20 October 2018
I was recommended this product by a friend who knows the maker of Shiny Sauce and at first, with the price of postage/packaging/PayPal fees I was somewhat set back from buying. HOWEVER I have just used this product to clean my filthy off-road mountain bike which was covered in mud, grit, dirt, oil you name it and if I’m honest again it has transformed the bike making it super clean and shiny being able to remove every piece of dirt in every nook and cranny. I’m hugely impressed and will be using it to clean my motorcycle and car too. Good job Shiny Sauce.

Ian Murray.
17 October 2018
This is probably the best bike cleaner on the market today, does a fantastic job and brings your bike up like brand new would recommend this product to all, truly awesome stuff.

Stu Bateson.
17 October 2018
This stuff is awesome!!! Absolutely ace for cleaning the bike and pretty much anything. I even used it on the gutters and soffits on the house and they came up like brand new!!!
Highly recommend this product

Jason Cox.
1 October 2018
First time using shiny bike sauce after being an advocate of other products. Will definitely be using the sauce in future, easier to use and less mess ironically!!
So good in fact it left a clean circle on my garage seat where I’d left the bottle.
Also smells nice

Greg Fereday.
6 September 2018
I’ve very recently used this Shiney sauce on my Honda Grom and my Audi.